Premier Medical Center Inc; Walterboro Adult and Pediatric Medicine,llc; North Berkeley Family Care, LLC; James T. Martin, Jr., Md; Liberty Doctors, LLC; Remedy Internal Medicine and Wellness Center, PA; SUMMERVILLE PRIMARY CARE; Seignious, David W., MD, LLC; Harold R Nicolette Do Pa; HARTH PLACE FAMILY MEDICINE; Thaddeus Bell; Internal Medicine of Walterboro Llc; Dorchester Medical Associates; Hope Clinic, LLC; Thomas, Robert L., M.D., LLC; and Rearden Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, LLC, are participating in a care coordination program for Medicare Fee-For-Service beneficiaries called the Accountable Care Coalition of the Tri-Counties.

We encourage you to use this site to find out more about this program and the improved care it will enable us to provide.

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